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A1 Gandhi studied at the Bar of London becoming a…Continue

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A1 After 15 years in a career that saw his rise to regional…Continue

adam smith ace of

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A1 Adam’s Moral Sentiments was the last book before Smith’s  co-worker James Watt at Glasgow University started up the age of Machines and humans aka industrial…Continue

conscious youth network and diary of hope

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"Amy" Chen Qian is the President of the Conscious Youth Network (CYN) a membership based organization whose mission is to provide young women and men with the skills, knowledge, guidance, and support…Continue

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"some bonus questions on south africa true or false 1) africa's largest technology company is in south africa 2) soros first philanthropy was in south africa 3) nelson mandela was inspired by gandhi =============================== all three are…"
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"belated congrats to ms chen for earning ma at columbia university class of 2019"
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"advance question - von neumann strongly gave monetary economists the thumbs down - can you explain why in terms of game theory? eg1 those who play (issue ratings on) currency markets are by definition playing zero sum games - whereas improving the…"
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von neumann ace of

A1 .While von neumann’s importance to mathematicians and economists (eg beyond zero sum trading games) is often misunderstood, it’s his impact on technologies that changed the way every 21st c human being’s livelihood is shaped. One way to look at this is he turned the power of engines from 2 dimensions of energy and telecommunications with the 3rd…See More
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Biggest maths error in world - ending human sustainability

by 1990 barnded global corporations were scrambling -many had prevuousl folowed ad agency advice - develop a separtae brand for every prodcu and nation - with tv adevertising  cost increasing ex;poentuially that was a questionable piece of adviuve anyhoiw but as market decisinp-making at every level from boardrrom to consumer to custiner chanels went global , that was no longer corect advicein other words big corporations had to cut doen brands in new architectires - either partnersing brands…See More
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conscious youth networ and diary f hope -CYN beynd CNN

"Amy" Chen Qian is the President of the Conscious Youth Network (CYN) a membership based organization whose mission is to provide young women and men with the skills, knowledge, guidance, and support to live up to their greatest potential of becoming conscious entrepreneurs committed to ending poverty. Ms. Chen is a member of the Conscious Capitalism DC Chapter and has created the CYN as a conscious business model that uses the 4-Principles of Conscious Capitalism to help youth mediate the 17…See More
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chiness youth lead un understanding of architecture with a future - cf goal 11

 24 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019 Tel/Fax: 212/688-4321E-mail:    Web: Not-for-Profit, Tax Exempt Organization2016 International Student Design Competition: Integrated Communities: A Society for All Ages Individual Winners: First Prize: “Self-Sufficiency:: Reconstruction of Elementary School” focuses on reinvigorating a country-side village…See More
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"links led by students from harvard young professionals of chronic (NCD stands for non-communicable chronic diseases) diseases complements the insanely great boston partners in health built by pauk farmer whose chnage the world…"
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" The Emerging Leaders Program has been created by the World Heart Federation to form and develop a long-term cadre of experts who collaborate, research, and act to reduce premature mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD)…"
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7 most urgent above zero-sum games

help youth map worldsocialtrade. in an open learning economy

government - constitutions of public service


media old and new





-help top 12 supercitieswith over 20 million people to sustain above

Presents the biography of John von Neumann, one of the greatest scientist of the century after Einstein. This book discusses Von Neumann's work in areas such as game theory, mathematics, physics, and meteorology which formed the building blocks for the most important discoveries of the century: the modern computer, game theory, and the atom bomb....

Title : John Von Neumann
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 082182676X
Edition Language : English

special thanks to UNwomens linkedin and alumni of world record jobs creation for support in sharing views of

Trusted Human Relationship Networking and Intergenenerational Exponential Impacts

online library of norman macrae-

  • any child can be a wonderful maths explorer if teaching uses empowerment rather than you are wrong standard testing

healthy (family-loving societies) exponentially generate strong economies not vice versa- would the 2 generations (of old and new millennium )  responsible for human sustainability understand that just in time?

2025 Report: by 1975 it was known that versus 1946, 4000 times more investment on worldwide learning tech would exponentially determine human sustainability by 2025- americas 3rd century to spin neurosis by tv ads and disgraceful political chicanery of macroeconomics trapped international reserve currency zero-sum games

2016Q! update MITKIEHL blog with Beck (Israel and meme economics -hubbed out of san diego;sports and mackey conscious business hubbed out of texas and baltimore -see also wolfram ; and ...

- Sustaining human livelihoods would depend on:

poorest female chinese youth uniting all millennials in sustainability goals action networks; whether elders invested in changing professions and public servants to 10 times bigger economy of open learning instead of nonrenewable consumption of things

2026Q1 update on Families as Main Agency of Development - harrison owen asks chinese under30s to redefine sustainability as youth's most productive decade' vatican and chinese worldwide community club -unite the "my family" has a dream heroes of every culture; hack the worlds' most purposeful bottom-up broadband and action nets

:why does america rely on one individual to open source every -12 curricula- compare china report from mit's future of learning- or missing curricula found on mandela extranet - literacies of empowerment coding finance and entrepreneurship - teachers of 7th grade -or nairobi where IHUB not homework is every teenagers preferred evening 

if you read the biography of von neumann you will be ready to brainstorm the reasons why americans, when isolated from worldwide cultures, became the late 20th century's worst teachers of exponential maths. Reasons such as

  • conscious empowerment and maths purpose is to design systems logical enough for next generation to innovate what past generations could not - eg see einstein's finding whenever male dominated scientists say they have discovered everything their science is capable of , next innovations will come from modelling that science at a more micro level oi system interactions (such as amma university partners on nanotechnolguies end to poverty)
  • governments are the worst employers of maths research becauee next generation isn't a voter of government
  • the greatest risk to the world's sustainability is the economists who does not understand transparency of maths exponentials - read all of keynes, neumann and einstein 
  • the idea that 2030 versus 1946 would spend 4000 times more on borderless communications technolgoies is very frightening to any mathematicians who analyses how all the biggest professions make the most money from externalsiation across borders and other ways of fooling themselves that the borders wont be where the biggest risks to suatainability are- understand the case of andersen if you want to explore this crisis whole truth

When Did Economics become the profession of destroying people's lifetimes? 20th C Q3 (more...)

How did the peoples recovery plan A fail? (huh ER ....)

Is there a recovery plan B? (Yes but ...)


I helped my dad -one of youth'sleading economists - research the biography of von neumann. Two things that fascinated me most are what von neumann called his obscene interests.

In the generation that lived thru ww2, obsecene interest becacme a catchphrase studying something that a young mind could value being most curious about, butwhich  official secrets of war time prevented public discussion of in case news leaked out to the enemy.

One immediate inference- if ever you are in an organisation and hear a subject is only shared on a need to know basis- think of exiting that organisation as fast as you can unless its acually at war. I have actually helped people save a lot of money from getting out of collapsing corporations simply by using the need to know warning signal. For us westerners who live in2010s'collapsing nation states, iIwish it were so easy. Look at how governments have actually celebrated those who are collapsing banks by multiplying badwill (ever greater loss of trust)

1 no punishment for shareholders even though a collapsing bank causes far more harm across society than these derelict owners are ever asked to own up to

2 actually rewarding management with bigger bonuses to continue the destruction of communities and peoples' lives

3 charging the bill to the next generation -as that is what every public bailout means; and yet an even more terrifying mistake is to put young people out of work too just in the one decade that innovation of economics could have led to using a million times more collaboration technology so that every human being could empower a 10 times more productive life

But that a whole generation of elders can behave so uneconomically is also why i believe we should make both an 11 plus and and 18 plus out of the 2 neumann's 2 obescenely interesting subjects:

1 compiuters - he as the father of open source computing knwoledge

2 above zero sum games

here is an example of 2- you want to live in a clean-green nation; you neighbour continues to short-trem profit by not joining you in investing in clean; eventually you nation loses jobs , sinks into debt is taken over by your dirty neighbour

among people who have debated 18 plus principles of neumann's above zero sum games - the most important one to the net generation is

  • when something that historicly could only be a zero-sum game (like owning a physical property) becomes a smaller part of a world where more abundance is possible -one of two opposite things happen-if everyone at same time agrees to move over to above zero sum abundance thats what eveyone enjoys- but if one biggest player says we are sticking to zero-sum, what everyone will get is less than zero-sum

at 11 plus, the most important thing is to value communal trust so transparently that a child entering adolescence has unlimited to opportunities to practice hi-trust activities

in various practical contexts (banking energy education health to name but 4, this challenge is with us everywehre as the first net generation is becoming more interdependent than independent- as the knowledge economny could be 10 times larger than the scarcity economy of owning things

john's obscene interests are now the ones we need all our children to know about if they are to be sustainable -otherwise george orwell's big brother endgame is what we will be trapping all future generations in


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Mapping Hi-Trust Human Networks

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For a few yeras after world war 2 , keynes students studiued systemn design gravitated around 2 sustainabilitty goals

end poverty

improve livelihoods of youth out of every community (eg chnage education faster than you spend more more on communications or technolgies)

examples stident norman had survived world war 2 spending his last days as teenager navigating airplanes over modernday myanmar and bangladesh- keynes arranged for him to marry the daughter of the bombay…





help assemble card pack 1 in time for games at cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae - 60s curricula telecommuting andjapan's capitalist belt roaders; 70s curricula entreprenurial revolution and poverty-ending rural keynesianism - library of 40 annual surveys loving win-wins between nations youth biographer john von neumann


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