youth economics - vote for top 100 projects

in line with Keynes, we define economics in terms of designing systems which exponentially free or trap next generation future livelihoods- von neumann commented knowingly the problem with my generation's economists is they design systems but do not make transparent their assumption

60 years after von neumann we live in a world not only powered over by non-transparent economics - with externalisation and other expoential risks multiplying until system collapses and youth have to bail out elders greed but in reality nobody any longer understands dynamic consequences- this is because the system is embedded with logics that may have made sense in a world of boredrs and silos but has no earlthly or natural resemblance to 21st borderless world

this is extremely ironic as without von neummans invention of modern day programmable computers the race to spend 4000 times more or global village communications tech would never have started at sustainability of 21st C humanity would not have reached irreversible deadlines  ...Nations most critical moments in race 2030 vs 1946 invest 4000 times more to sustain 21st C generation

 youth projects

01 world wide youth entrepreneur competition including collaboration across communities and mentorship by patient capital investor 

 poverty museum projects

11 curriculum 1.0 - first 25 years of how world's poorest village mothers developed 150 million person nation of Bangladesh

 mobilising poorest girls leapfrog partnerships

21 curriculum of solar energy for billion off grid-

 current negotiation of projects that could scale www with satelllite learning networks

31 universities for 15000 disadvantaged

32 languages as empowerment curricuum before youth sent to other side of world to study or develop job creation partrnerships

33 nanosocialcredit 20th year of women4empowerment alumni energibg from grameen phone 1996








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