value of women- and other curricula wrongly taught in 20th C highly bordered (naturally unsustainable) world

Women -please join coursera wiki and end washington dc consensus devaluing women

With due respect to Al Gore the most urgent inconvenient truth question of 2015 is: do enough powerful people across every frontiere value women wholly truly and communally for our human race to be sustainable? 1

Interested? suggested communications options- wiki with us here - linkin at unwomens; us text us at 240 316 8157 -mail our us-china millennials friendship nets at - tell us your options

who are the world record job creators of womens world eg 1 2 3 -search and #2030now feedforward with associates eg female-ihub fans of joywo kenya and founders of developing world elearning satellite yazmi what curriculum the male macroeconomics world banished because it would have shows how exponentially fast their analyses devalue mothering and families as the greatest social and communal investment, sustainability's make or break 9nLa0K97I collaboration commons

WILL THE UN be correct in saying 2015 is the biggest change year in humanity's history? will it frame its transformation to sustainability goals in a way that connects open learning -

which branches of UN get what a female entrepreneurial revolution that would call for? 10s might go to UNAI ITU when it was led by Africans but its too early to say under chinese leadership; nearer 0 are branches of the UN most involved with such debacles as Atlanta failed nobel peace and youth summit

and if, so will women particularly poor and young women be invited into centre stage of sustainability goals- as sir fazle abed says: we have imposed management of poverty on women so we dont we empower them to lead development

at the world bank and across the transatlantic pond in rome- POP (Preferential Option Poor) offers the best value chain transformation method millennials can linkin, open learn and action -one global social market purpose at a time- but is the understanding of POW (Preferential Option Women as ready to be Massively Openly Online Collaborated around- we have had annual dialogues on that with sir fazle since 2012 abed at BRAC the most pivotal architect of how poorest village women developed the 150 million person nation of bangladesh - and each year the conclusion seems to be oh no, no, no -collaboration is so far behind being valued by economists and others whose numbers have ruled the globalisation we got - the broken banks, the lost peaces, the way the internet has been taken ocver as an appendix to advertising and lobby industries instead of global university of poverty's time to free investment in millennials as the most and loving generation ever

it would seem that choosing the women ti next lead the UN could be crucial not just to sustainability of poorest women and their families but the whole millennial generatio

which solution partnerships will the next female leader of the UN empower millenials to network round- what transparent personal networking maps do we have- male open technologists know how to map who's who in their world's futuyre but how do we celebarte equaivaebt knoqlwdge transparency networking around women4empowerment

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