To the New university of John and a billion unknown women

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New University

To a Billion Unknown women, and

Adam and James , Maynard and John , Steve & Fazle and Muhammad( Smith1758+, Wilson1843+, Keynes and Von Neumann, Jobs and Abed 2001 & Yunus)

and every sustainability cooperation of students and teachers including UN2.0 since 2016

Bear with me while I try to connect the dots. I don't want to leave out anyone helping design new universities as millennials last best chance to be the sustainability generation

I first heard  of the extraordinary cooperation movement of 21st C "new university" soon after my father died in 2010. The Japan ambassador to Bangladesh invited me to 2 dinner conversation in memory of my father chaired by Fazle Abed: topic 1 new university which Abed had started in 2001, topic 2 the legacy he sought with partners of mobile Bangladesh - a celebration team Abed and team Yunus had started in 1995, after a quarter of a century of designing end poverty  microfranchises for village women without access to electricity grids.

There were systemic differences in the of approaches of Abed and Yunus which no Western University has clearly mapped until the United Nations University was encouraged by Antonio Guterres to be the scientific space (including Japan and Slovenia's investment in uniting all AIforGood professors) energising UN2 and indeed all egov transformations, From 1972 Abed was scaling solutions for village mothers building 100000 person communities. He had out his live savings into rebuilding 15000 village homes that had been flattened by war of independence. Only when the homes were buildt did Fazle Abed realise that every week tens of mothers were dying of starvation, scores of infants were dying of dehydration. His solution to design replicable small village enterprises matching most urgent needs such as efficient local rice production and doordashing (on foot) 10 most basic medicines -abed's first para-heath microfranchise assigned a weekly route if 300 homes per businesswomen.

Muhammad Yunus' Grameen bank stared a decade after Abed 'smetavillage model which alos enabled brac to become the nation's main whososaler of the most life critical village products .Both the stiries and the market designs of Abed and Yunus fascinated me and young journalist stidenst who visited Bangaldesh 16 time between Xmas 2007 and the death of Fazle Abed in December 2019. Yunus had invited me to meet him in 2007- he was curious why my fmily had ordered 2000 of his books. Like many people 9/11 had upset me. Personally an equally bad year was 2005: my last main year in London as my daughter had been boen in Dc. It had started iff as London's Year of End Poverty due to be celebrated also at UK's hosting of the G7. As a directir of a foundation I attended prepation summits where I was sad to find NGO discussions were all about who could fundraise what not who had knowhow worth scaling.Then my colague was kiled in 7/7. I wanted a different model of adveritising led aid. I met a Bnagaldeshi stidnt London who Yunus has authorised to start a student Union social business club. I was told a book was in the works. Thats how I got galey copeies bith for my father and the head of Jpapanese aid in Dc.Thence:   

 2008 was the 250th anniversary of Adam Smith Moral Sentiments. It also saw my father Norman host his last public birthday party with Muhammad yunus at the Royal Automobile Club St Japemes london a few minutes walk from the palace and the offcies of The Economist where my father had been the most prolific leaders writer.

Banking for the poor in Bngaldesh started 112 yera after London Scot James Wislon had been sent by Queen Vo=ictoria to charter the first bank by and for the peopels of the India suncontinent. Unfortutaly soon after presenting his firsts tate of the peopels of India, James died of diarrjhea Calcutta 1860. His son h=in law jWalter Bagehot continued his legay : The economist which james had founded in 1843 to debate with london's royal society whether empires could be designed to end povery and end hunger instead of slave trading and warships controling otrher peopels coaStal belts

My family went on to sample students 2000 of Dr Yunus book on social busiensses of vilage mothers and 10000 dvds featuring youtibe style short interviews with Yunus co-founders made summer of 2008 when the Nobel Judges visited Dhaka to celebrate openining Museum Yunus.By the end of 2008 Adam Smith schlars had kindly suggested starting to merge libraries of theires, father's from The Economist and A Billion women's empowerment from Bangaldesh and neighboring tropical Asian vilages. These archives have also generated 2 new journals : New economics and social busienss. 2023 the 265 adam smith moral sentiment is also beinf celebrated as it would have been my dad's centenary and our veral theme is microeductaion summit and new university cooperation, in particualar where it supports milklenailas as teh first sustainability f=generation empower gov2.0 Hopefully Abed will be smiling down on the alma mater that began his teenage voyage to the UK from which he pivoted into charered accounting and becomeing Royal Dutch Sheel''s regional ceo before dedicating half centiury to cooperation economic decvelopment of the poorest quarter of the world's people ( and the impacts kf women hold up hlf the sky on 1 billion asian boys) 

Of markets and media - Freedom Versus Transparency

At 2008 birthday wish parties, Dad and Yunius discussed the diferences between freedom and transparency of markets and media. Dad had spent his last days as a yeenage navigator allied bomber command. Burma. Adam Smith's moral sentments was his the book he had taken with him. Father would say that Smith argued markets only compound moral pursposes when enough buyers and seellers and suppliers know the costs and qualities of the offers. It was onky in these systems that Smith argued that intangble hands of trust nuktiplied; in tarasnaprent marets you are only as vakuable over time as your reputation

The first 80 years of telecom world 1945-1865 had ended in world wars. Could the next 80 yeras 2025-1945 accelerating far moee tech. compond something better. Yunus had become the woeld's faorite of storyteller od yesd not only can we do better, but we can end poverty. Perhaps Yunsu would be interested in dad's first 6 years after returning fromflying around  the bay of bengal, dad was in last class of Keynes whose general theiry of money interest employemnt appealed to economist as futurists of end poverty. Hired by the Economist dad was quizzed by Geiffrey Criwther who had just edited the cenetenary biography oif The Economist, Passing geoffrey's test, dad was seconded to ne wyork for a year where he met John Von Neumann and was asked would economist jouranlsiats be interested in the greatest scoop of all tim e- what goods will peoples unites with access to 100 times more tech per decade. This is the AIfodGood curriculum that Von Neumann wanted to be his legacy. See the AI terminolgy used by Von Neumann in tsoi extract from his last curriculum delivered at Yale. Are the 8 billion human brains alive today smart enough to design Artificial Intel to empower end poverty and all youth's most exciting goals as first sustainanility generation. How do we design cooperation movements between new university. At Abed's Japan embassy brieg=fing he suggested uniting alumni of any university that aimed to celebrate how to co-create at least 50 million new livelihoods that only sustainability digital mapping can achieve. This si also the subh=jet of 2025report- last edition - beyond extinction

In 1983 I started co-creatingt the gener of 2025report with a science fiction weiters wo wanted to be anonymosu and father Norman. Reports were translated and upadted fr a decade concluing with 1993's swedent's New Vikings. In remembrace to dad, thge economist's former science editir viscount rudley published thsi retrosepctive review in 2010 

AS well as issuing decade reports on von neumann's ccoop, at age 38 The econosmit alowed Norman one signed survey. The first genre he chose was how to free peoples in places that had got lost or refound in histiory. 1962's choice of his war time enmy Jpan turned into great joy when he discovered Japan was already sharing 2 Asia Risong model super coties , and coastral belt cooperation supercities. Harder placeslikely to need carfully timed dupport before the world became hyperconnecetd included Russia 1963 , latin america, Algeria, south africa 1968, the halh of the world's peopl east of iran as well as more usual suspects EU (father had been only journalist at birth of EU in 1955) Mt Nixon's America where father was saddened by the nw macroeconomic breed taking over Dc and especially the consequences of taking the world's resercve currency off the gold satndard. From then on father preffered to call himself a future hostirian , and searched of entrepreneurial revolution's new capitalism and necessary chnage of constitutions.Inspired by Neumann's scop, first digital opportunitiesd would need to nbe scaled in opposition to too much paper printed money - fintech and digital societal models of food, heakth, education, de=femlae home/community building would need urgent prioritisation as digoital webbed humaNITY AND ARTIFICIANS BECAME MORE ABUNDANT IN INTED THAN 8 BILLION BRAINS

These were the generes he clebrated at rhe economist befoe publishing the parallel 2025 reports and then von neumann's biography 


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help assemble 100000 millennials and GAMES of card pack 1 i lets leap froward from cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt-

WE APPROACH 65th year of  Neumann's tech legacy - 100 times more tech decade - which some people call Industrial Rev 4 or Arttificial Intel blending with humans; co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae -

my father The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann- his legacy of 100 times more tech per decade informed much of dad's dialogues with world leaders at The Economist - in active retirement dad's first project to be von neumanns official biographer - english edition ; recently published japanese edition - queries welcomed; in 1984 i co-authored - this was celebrating 12 th year that dad( from 1972, also year silicon valley was born) argued for entrepreneurial revolution (ie humanity to be sustainable would need to value on sme networks not big corporate nor big gov); final edition of 2025report is being updated - 1984's timelines foresaw need to prep for fall of brlin wall within a few months; purspoes of the 5 primary sdg markets were seen to be pivotal as they blended real and digital - ie efinance e-agri e-health e-learning and 100%lives matter community; the report charged public broadcasters starting with BBC with most vital challenge- by year 2000 ensure billions of people were debating man's biggest risk as discrepancy in incomes and expectations of rich & poor nations; mediated at the right time everyone could linkin ideas as first main use of digital webs--- the failure to do this has led to fake media, failures to encourage younger half of the world to maxinise borderless friendships and sdg collabs - see eg as 2020s becomes last chance for youth to be teh sustainability generation


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