how did consequences of moon landing go so dismally wrong in west

in the early 1960s, medic larry briliant was on holiday with wavy gravy and his band- they had driven from europe to see a spritual guru located somewhere in the afghan mountains- every 3rd vilage had a poster heorising jfk's moon race- it was the last time that american dream  communcated hope almost everywhere

colonisation, industrial revolution had since 1500 designed a most uneven planet where some people had opportunitties to innovate- whilke up to half still had no acess to electricity grids

the critical impacts of the moon race were not so much to do with any trade with the moon but continents whose people woke up and said if anmericans cam do it so can we develop hapiness and freedom 

case studies where people have tried (with different levels of miraculous outcomes):



franciscan latin america

united arab emirates

landlocked eurasian nations

what the moon landing made unstoppable was a moores law of spending 1000 times more on connectivity technologies- an unprecedented revoliution in which 3 generations 1960s youth now grandparents, parnets and millennials would become webbed - ultimately a race (won or lost) to uniting all of us to create sustainability livelihoods for those who come of age as the 21st C does

this will involve 3 billion new jobs that picture like this; there is so much work to be done but how has the g7 and amerca in particular been designing communiciations

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