how can world record jobs publishers celebrate learning of china's yang and the world's kim

yang lan has helped choose 10 most empowering chinese women to interview

the curriiculum connection of kim and yang is introduced here

for over 20 years kim innovated health service solutions - Preferential Option Poor with Partners in Health co-led by Paul Farmer (made famous by the book Mountains Beyond Mountains) and Ophelia Dahl and maximising student exchanges between Bostons leading hospitals and first Haiti, second Peru where Kim innovated solution to outbreaks of MDR Tuberculosis, then Russia (George Soros spotted PIH work and sponsored its first services beyond the Americas) then Rwanda where PIH is building its second world class teaching hospital (first being Mirebalkais Haiti)

around 2009 Kim became President of Dartmouth College and then in 2012 president of World Bank

here's jim kim's plea to millennialsto help the world return to sustainability and end poverty #2030now

this is a youthful window on the different issues jim kim's diary and millennilals empowerment actively connects worldwide

 kim on what he learned from sal khan (academy of open learning)

 why chinas health reform could affect the world

student survey of what they would say to bill gates

: how the poor are making best use of smartphoines

 3 blind spots of gender equity

 survey of how you can help me (jim kim) and pope paul

how to build a movement

 more on the pope and kim's common values and shared innovation goals

: the asian miracle of mindfulness

: more on midfulness

kjim commencement speechk - class of 2013 only sure thing is uncertianty
[11:17:11 AM] chrismacraedc: help chiense entrepreneurs learn fast from failures

 KIM advice to 22 yerar olds

 5 tips on starting social movement

 kim also led this wonderful tedx and i was hoping he would do many 

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