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ED: My father notrman macrae started research suggested by von neumann in 1951 - the topic what would peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade. For nearly 40 years he encouraged journalists at the economist to join in such future history surveys. From 1984 I ( ) joined him in publishing 2025 report (final edition to be publlshed in 2023) ; in the 1990s father also finished his biography of von neumann; father's last research networks started in 2007; they took him back to the region he had served in as teen navigator allied bomber command (burma campaign). We circulated 2000 of dr yunus books on the social business model also originated by Fazle Abed had empowered up to a billion village motehes to end poverty; then 10000 dvds made with all of yunus founding team summer 2008 while the nobel judges opened the yunus museum in miurpur dhaka; this was the largest clebration of yunus partners to attend an event in dhaka; at the same time we helped support glasgow adam smith scholars summits with yunus and started 2 journals- all the while we sought out graduate journalists - following a pattern world bank jim kim called valuing young professionals as needing to be teh system changers if there is to be a first sustainability generation

have a look at for one idea on how youth need to take back reality of media ; a subject whish as an MA in statistics from DAMPT cambridge i have spent my life on - see books and valuation methods at - if you value empowering umder 30s cooperations in sustaining humanity I would love to hear from you any time

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belated congrats to ms chen for earning ma at columbia university class of 2019

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help assemble 100000 millennials and GAMES of card pack 1 i lets leap froward from cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt-

WE APPROACH 65th year of  Neumann's tech legacy - 100 times more tech decade - which some people call Industrial Rev 4 or Arttificial Intel blending with humans; co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae -

my father The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann- his legacy of 100 times more tech per decade informed much of dad's dialogues with world leaders at The Economist - in active retirement dad's first project to be von neumanns official biographer - english edition ; recently published japanese edition - queries welcomed; in 1984 i co-authored - this was celebrating 12 th year that dad( from 1972, also year silicon valley was born) argued for entrepreneurial revolution (ie humanity to be sustainable would need to value on sme networks not big corporate nor big gov); final edition of 2025report is being updated - 1984's timelines foresaw need to prep for fall of brlin wall within a few months; purspoes of the 5 primary sdg markets were seen to be pivotal as they blended real and digital - ie efinance e-agri e-health e-learning and 100%lives matter community; the report charged public broadcasters starting with BBC with most vital challenge- by year 2000 ensure billions of people were debating man's biggest risk as discrepancy in incomes and expectations of rich & poor nations; mediated at the right time everyone could linkin ideas as first main use of digital webs--- the failure to do this has led to fake media, failures to encourage younger half of the world to maxinise borderless friendships and sdg collabs - see eg as 2020s becomes last chance for youth to be teh sustainability generation


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