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"Amy" Chen Qian is the President of the Conscious Youth Network (CYN) a membership based organization whose mission is to provide young women and men with the skills, knowledge, guidance, and support to live up to their greatest potential of becoming conscious entrepreneurs committed to ending poverty. Ms. Chen is a member of the Conscious Capitalism DC Chapter and has created the CYN as a conscious business model that uses the 4-Principles of Conscious Capitalism to help youth mediate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Under Ms. Chen’s leadership the CYN works closely with the Conscious Capitalism movement by providing member businesses with socially conscious interns, employees, and/or consultants that assist those businesses with implementing their conscious business models.

CYN's global partnership model includes working with youth leaders at PremioSciacca of the Vatican University to develop a worldwide community of youth leadership and cross-cultural inspiration.

In addition to her work as the president of the CYN, thanks to the mentorship of Harrison Owen Ms. Chen aims to implement the Open Space Technology goal of valuing sustainability 2016 – 2025 as the under 30s most productive decade. Under Ms. Chen’s mission, Open Space youth empowerment leaders are interested in linking such cities as Baltimore, Beijing, Boston, Berkeley, New York, DC, LA and Rome, inspired by the La Maestra’s Circle of Care model in San Diego.

In 2015 Ms. Chen earned a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from Hebei University of Science and Technology in China. Ms. Chen speaks and teaches two languages English and her native tongue Mandarin. Since her graduation Ms. Chen has acquired a very diverse and exemplar work experience working from companies such as Emerald Planet International Foundation as a E-marketing and TV production assistant, and serving as an liaison between teachers, students and university administrators to address issues and concerns for Hunan Kaidi educational management and consulting company. Ms. Chen possesses a strong passion for education with youth that was sparked from her experience working with Changsha University of Science and Technology, The Blue Sky Educational Company, and the Maya Educational Consultant Company.

In addition to education, Ms. Chen also has developed the skills of hosting large youth events and managing youth networks that was nurtured as a result of being advised by conscious leaders such as: Naila Chowdhury founder and executive director of Woman 4 Empowerment who has been empowering poorest women over the first 15 years of creating Grameen Phone with Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus; Ethiopian American Noah Samara founder of the eLearning satellite Yazmi; South African Taddy Blecher creator of the Mandela extranet and the nearly free university of disadvantaged students; Japanese Hiro Yokoi son of former president of Toyota and leader of Akira Foundation which connects youth exchanges across the world.

Ms. Chen has been privileged to win a prize from Norman Macrae Foundation hosted out of Washington DC by the Scottish family of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant. This prize involved a two week trip to ICAF- the 20th celebration of the worlds creative children staged on The White House’s Ellipse. The Norman Macrae Foundation then coached her in The Diary of Hope based on the principles of keeping a profile of anyone you meet and interview who creates hope in you. The Diary of Hope began as a teenager's diary in world war 2 where Norman served as a navigator in the RAF in the region now called Myanmar and Bangladesh. After the war, Norman Macrae graduated at Corpus Christi College Cambridge where he was inspired by Keynes in the "end poverty" purpose of economic system designs. His journalising flow continued at The Economist as the prime reporting source of such innovations as: the foundation of The European Union at Messina; how the Eastern hemisphere started up around Japan's passion for quality systems especially in electronics; and early experiments in computer assisted learning. This progression turned Norman Macrae into the first journalist of the coming internet generation and The Economist into the world's favorite viewspaper.

Ms. Chen is currently working with the team compiling the World Record Book of Jobs Creation This updates Macrae's optimistic future history of the hope, love and trust in humanity needed for the Entrepreneurial Revolution 1975-2025 to blossom through empowered livelihoods and open learning all over the world. She is well placed to support World Social Trade collaborations of sustainability youth that Norman had mapped through celebrating value integration of the half of the world's population that now live, work and socialize within 3000 miles of Beijing.

Personal Information
Chinese Name Chen Qian Sex Female
Marital Status Single Nationality Chinese
Date of Birth 02/07/1992 Native place Hunan Province
Address c/o 5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404,
N. Bethesda MD 20852 USA

Qiancheng Apartment, Shuyuan Road, Tianxin District, Changsha city, China
Skype Amy1992726
E-mail Address

Education Background
From – To From 2011 To 2015
Name of the College/University Hebei University of Science and Technology
Major Bioengineering Minor
Degree Bachelor

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