andrew ng at baidu ,, at google.. at google news

tell us which alumni networks of andrew ng you fifid most valuable exploring:

AN0 open learning networks -;  AN01 mass mooc coursera 1.0 ; AN02 on-demand mooc coursera2.1 ; AN03 khan academy; AN04 satellite alumni networks mediated by friends of The Economist since 1972l AN05 joi ito and reclaim our virtual community learning networks AN06  POP Moocs-eg which are top 12 people millennials most want to mooc with to end poverty

AN1 Friendships and hubs between 10 minutes on the silicon valley cluetrain and china: chinese or americans with lifetime learning experiences in both china and between stanford and mountain view ; AN11 NG at Baidu; AN12 alumni of Jack Ma ...AN13 500 women hub

AN2 latino alumno networks - of AN21coursera  cofounder daphne koller; AN22 of sustainability's main collaboration culture POP ;AM23 of global social value models of health first proved in haiti and peru (origin of POP alumni since 1962) and energised by Bostonian millennials; AN24 Boston as original epicentre of Open Learning

.....Discussion- when is video the least effective way to educate


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ng news timelines = late august 2015

  1. Story image for "andrew ng" from Re/code

    Baidu's 'Medical Robot': Chinese Search Engine Reveals Its AI for ...

    Re/code-Aug 9, 2015
    Wei's project, called AskADoctor in English, is one of the earliest to emerge from Baidu's deep-learning division since it hired Andrew Ng, ...
    Baidu unveils a Siri for health checkups
    Tech in Asia-Aug 10, 2015
    Explore in depth (3 more articles)
  2. Story image for "andrew ng" from The Tech Portal

    Coursera Raises $49.5 Million In Series C Funding Round From ...

    The Tech Portal-5 hours ago
    California-based Coursera was founded in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. It is an education company which partners with universities ...

Could do better = 10 suggestions for designers of onlme learning platforms rsvp

1 videos are ridiculously inneffective way to stimulate learning - just ask researchers of rosser reeves vampire video effect - so khan style of audio blackboard is what online teachers should mostly  practise 

2 on many of sustainabiliity goals urgent change the world agenda its strange  to offer curriculum from one place's faculty instead of worldwide search of whom students would most like  -even more so for curricula related to world record job creators

3 coursera style cuuricula merit segments - for example if a million person live audience were attracted to sustainability goals mooc- why not climax in an entreprenur competition not just a certificate

4 conversely on demand curricula could be built recursively - there is no need for one perfect curriculum before going live -also over time on demand curricula merit tools like dashboards

5 coursera is disconneted from 2 of the main reasons why The Economist from 1972 predicted net generation sustainability would depend on whether internet is desgned as humanity's smartest as most collaborative media

5a as jim kim says an advantage of khan academy is it changes teachers not just students- each coursera seems accidentally to  promote one circle of teachers instead of all who could have improved local delivery everywhere

5b coursera is not addressing any of the 4 monopolies that have caused education so often to be anti-youth and jobs destroying: monopoly off who teaches, who researches, who examines, who certifies

6 reclaim our learning- mooc originated from networks who had spent over a decade improving virtual and real cmmunituies of practices- given that, it is desnt seem quite right that coursera is integrated around such a primitive community board

7 next generation moocs will invite alumni networking to linkin thse who have become skilled by spending time taking the mooc seriously

8 mit researchers are coming up with wonderful ways to continuously improve curricula that eg coursera partners should also use eg ola which identifies which modules have 10 times more impact on motivation or student skil;s than the average module- most subjects do not have uniformly important content

9 In places where education is most separted from job creation, the pessure to over-standardise is oftenpart of the system problem - see eg paulo freire pegaggoy of the oppressed which explains why the poor need teachers who live with them and customise action learning to help help communally resolve the particular combination of broken systems or missing infrastructures compounding that poverty trap

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Epoch changing Guides

1 AI Training AI Training.docx

 2 Exploring cultural weaknesss of encounters with greatest brain tool.docx


help assemble 100000 millennials and GAMES of card pack 1 i lets leap froward from cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt-

WE APPROACH 65th year of  Neumann's tech legacy - 100 times more tech decade - which some people call Industrial Rev 4 or Arttificial Intel blending with humans; co-author, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae -

my father The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann- his legacy of 100 times more tech per decade informed much of dad's dialogues with world leaders at The Economist - in active retirement dad's first project to be von neumanns official biographer - english edition ; recently published japanese edition - queries welcomed; in 1984 i co-authored - this was celebrating 12 th year that dad( from 1972, also year silicon valley was born) argued for entrepreneurial revolution (ie humanity to be sustainable would need to value on sme networks not big corporate nor big gov); final edition of 2025report is being updated - 1984's timelines foresaw need to prep for fall of brlin wall within a few months; purspoes of the 5 primary sdg markets were seen to be pivotal as they blended real and digital - ie efinance e-agri e-health e-learning and 100%lives matter community; the report charged public broadcasters starting with BBC with most vital challenge- by year 2000 ensure billions of people were debating man's biggest risk as discrepancy in incomes and expectations of rich & poor nations; mediated at the right time everyone could linkin ideas as first main use of digital webs--- the failure to do this has led to fake media, failures to encourage younger half of the world to maxinise borderless friendships and sdg collabs - see eg as 2020s becomes last chance for youth to be teh sustainability generation


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