Biggest maths error in world - ending human sustainability

by 1990 barnded global corporations were scrambling -many had prevuousl folowed ad agency advice - develop a separtae brand for every prodcu and nation - with tv adevertising  cost increasing ex;poentuially that was a questionable piece of adviuve anyhoiw but as market decisinp-making at every level from boardrrom to consumer to custiner chanels went global , that was no longer corect advice

in other words big corporations had to cut doen brands in new architectires - either partnersing brands internally or choosing extrenal partners- for exmple if comoany had hunders of chulderns brands across countriues co-branding with unicef migh give it a poathway to global recognitionj but was unlcef really getting a good dea licensing its logo - it depended if the comosny'd brands really lived up to unicef goals- suppose the company sold sugary sodar brands - was that really good for unicefs reputration

the term green washing emerged =-when a corporate paid less to licence a partner brand than teh damage to goodwill it did to the (charitable) partner

the problem with goodwill is it involves expoential valuation over time you cant measure it separte,y quarter by quarter

soon corpoirates and governments were tying up in partensrhips - but a survey of global consultants advised their client form the partensrhip but then pass all the risk to teh poartner in smallprint... so it was big corpoiratins were advised to externalsie the greatest risk only tey knew about to an outsourced partner - the idea being when a calamit hapens the partner will be bankruoted but tghge bug corpirate will claim lack oif ersponsibility

all of this is unssustaiable becasue godwill emasuers are multiplicative not additive; tey are expoential not liner; but theer are no regular audits of this - corporate accounting still report quesrtrely metrics which add uop how much profit it has extracted over the last quare=ter 

how might this hapen?

we have been studying ow to model goodwill /aka trust-flow and all inregrated postive energies since the 1980s

in this decade humanity started becoming more connecetd than separted by computer networks- at the start of decade the most efficiendt way for 2 offices on other sides of the world to sahe detailed numbers analysis was on te telex

by the end of decade big organssaitiosn could share numbers on digitsl files

so up to 1980 the kind of descion making a multintaional comoany reports quarterly was done regionally; no one boardroom claimed to make global descisions real time by the numbers; and corporate accounting add things up separably - it delihghted in claimig past accuracy but with no responsibility for audining the future

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