We started writing 2025 reports in 1983 when they were future histories - intergenarational mapping opportunities if human and artificial intellects were to demaite a world in which each next girl or boy born has a good chance at life. That would mean integrating every  vi;lage community (local GPS) into worldwide system design.

Dad and felow hournalisdts at The Economist had been invited to begin such onterviewing when he met von neuman Princeton 1951. Neumann sugegsted the most valuable leadership question ever : what goods can peopels unites with 100 times more tech each decade.

This is an extract from Vicount Ridley's retrospective review of 2025 Report which he published in remembrance of dad Norman Macrae in 2010. Since then 4 very diferent networks have invitedf me to listen to what dad inspired or how they current work is linked to his lifelong writings on Entrepreneurial Revolution

As you can see back in 1984 our timelines for the tech capability of the era of webs starting in 1990 was reasonably accurate. Our hopes for how nd what 8 billion beingsd would do with their time in the 2020s have not yet materialised. To be frank, we understand system design as spiralling to opposite outcomesd. The Orweellian big brother consequence of 100 times more tech was a continuoius risk we were hoping to mediate escape routes from

IF we the peopels do extingusih our species- do you see that as an education errors, a maths error, an invetment crisis...? We see it asl all three .

One of the 4 devriefings led to 16 trips to bangaldesh. Dad would have loved to have joined in cataloguing how a billion vilage women across Asia empowered a chnage to Aid . I call this the tele0 human development model because for most pof the last quarter of the 20th century this progress was made with no access to electricity grids.From this debriefing I realise that 6 different herstoroes (or histories) have been coliding depending on ccess to Intellect Communicatiosn Tech - from no electricity and no long dfistance )tele-) communications  (thats everyone before 1865) to 3 wholly differenet web designs of life's value since 1990.

The other 3 debriefings :

what 21st C new university 2.0 would look like if our objective was never to put last mile sustainability skiled stidnets in debt as well as to cooperatively app as much life critical knowhow as possibe- what beacutiful about knowhow apps is they can multiply value iu=in unse unlike consuming up things

What Glasgow Adam Smith scholars thought of my dad's atempts to connect moral sentiments of smith, with the end poverty future designs of Keynes and actual pracices of up to a billion asian women empowered by a few extrorindairy prople - eg sir fazle abed who chagned his last 50 years of life fromregionl ceo for oil comoany of royal dutch shell to desiging end povery franchsies that vilage mothers could run as very local busiensses as well as participate in edfucational designs.

The economist boardroom's own review of what they did and din not iunderstand of how farher insisted on media reality optymistic rationalism not fear laden fake nd trivial media

This book will start with 2020s web 3 media backwards - how to delive that through the UN2.0 frameworks and other designs that are bot visionary and scaling..

If Von Neumm or pther Greats of maths were alive today, how would they expect mathematicians to participate? We will aim to match this with collaboration concepts Fazle Abed asked for legacy support from half century of goodwill partsnerhip making .

In the scend half of the book we will start from 2 begiining - before 1865 when nodony had telecommunication or electricity grids to exactly how 1 billion dirls built rural nations.

Somewhere along the line we wil intruce coastal and relevant world tradse maps. One of my dad's secret advantages as a reporter was he spent his last days as tean naviagir alied bomber command burma. Lucky to survie this it did give him google maps in his head a generation before others and it explained why he refused to join in negatyive reporting - while always assessimg expoenetial risks and opportunitoes as 2 sides of applying any economit's model

The Un2 franework has 9 transfrmation peieces. We will aim to clarify how this n=books solutiosn and the Un2 support each otyher - if you wish to join in going beyond extinction.

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help assemble 100000 millennials summitfuture.com and GAMES of  worldrecordjobs.com card pack 1 i lets leap froward from cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk-

WE APPROACH 65th year of  Neumann's tech legacy - 100 times more tech decade - which some people call Industrial Rev 4 or Arttificial Intel blending with humans; co-author 2025report.com, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae -

my father The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann- his legacy of 100 times more tech per decade informed much of dad's dialogues with world leaders at The Economist - in active retirement dad's first project to be von neumanns official biographer - english edition ; recently published japanese edition - queries welcomed; in 1984 i co-authored 2025report.com - this was celebrating 12 th year that dad( from 1972, also year silicon valley was born) argued for entrepreneurial revolution (ie humanity to be sustainable would need to value on sme networks not big corporate nor big gov); final edition of 2025report is being updated - 1984's timelines foresaw need to prep for fall of brlin wall within a few months; purspoes of the 5 primary sdg markets were seen to be pivotal as they blended real and digital - ie efinance e-agri e-health e-learning and 100%lives matter community; the report charged public broadcasters starting with BBC with most vital challenge- by year 2000 ensure billions of people were debating man's biggest risk as discrepancy in incomes and expectations of rich & poor nations; mediated at the right time everyone could linkin ideas as first main use of digital webs--- the failure to do this has led to fake media, failures to encourage younger half of the world to maxinise borderless friendships and sdg collabs - see eg economistwomen.com abedmooc.com teachforsdgs.com ecop26.com as 2020s becomes last chance for youth to be teh sustainability generation


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