2008-1971 Economist Reports $ off Gold Standard- Financial world enters zone of losing sustainability

Whether or not you agree with entrepreneurial revolution of The Economist 1972's next 40 year future history  report that tech would need to resolve nixon's compound risk (taking dollar off gold standard) - its exciting to observe Greatest of All time financial wizardry directed at ending poverty and multiplying goodwill- 

2g text mobile was a late 20th century breakthough - eg it became mpesa kenya early 200s and the world's largest cashelles bank in population served www.bkash.com ;interestingly bkash is the digital leapfrog model corresponding to the transformation of aid from 1972 through women empowerment partners of bangladesh www.abedmooc.com - Japan's Ab=mbassador to Bangladesh nominated Fale Abed as turn of millennium's greatest entrepreneurial revolutionary and norman macrae foundation was more than delighted to associate Economist ER searches with Fazle Abed as benchmark of over 30 collaboration platforms developing world's poorest women 

jack ma's alipay model is interesting if not easy to replicate- chiana leapt over credit cards - so alipay offered workds first massive digital paymenst; it kep money flowing directly between traders and customers not tak=xing each transaction-however while this was being piloted in china, the fan really hit the roof with supbprime printed paper contagion - usa- EURO and elsewhere; in response satoshi published the first total paper on blockchain - how could we peoples mint money on any exchnage with 100% if reodrs digitalised - no human inetrmediaries taking their cuts; that at least was blockchain's theory- how blockchain crypto currency has worked out is someting every youth needs to keep questioning - the first ever digital coin bitcoin becamse wortth a huge amount but whose pockets did this fund (what a pity that eg its founder did not partner with the united nations); next came game communities who seem to have seen blockchain as a a mix between go-fi=und me; and celebrate our world champion games players - this has raised new uestions putting game designers potentially greater celebrir=ties than holly wood stars or in some cases equal partners. But more seriously ifcommunities across the nation or the world beleieve in better education - can the first6b edcoin be the greatest game parents and kids every play?

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help assemble 100000 millennials summitfuture.com and GAMES of  worldrecordjobs.com card pack 1 i lets leap froward from cop26 glasgow nov 2021 - 260th year of machines and humans started up by smith and watt- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk-

WE APPROACH 65th year of  Neumann's tech legacy - 100 times more tech decade - which some people call Industrial Rev 4 or Arttificial Intel blending with humans; co-author 2025report.com, networker foundation of The Economist's Norman Macrae -

my father The Economist's norman macrae was privileged to meet von neumann- his legacy of 100 times more tech per decade informed much of dad's dialogues with world leaders at The Economist - in active retirement dad's first project to be von neumanns official biographer - english edition ; recently published japanese edition - queries welcomed; in 1984 i co-authored 2025report.com - this was celebrating 12 th year that dad( from 1972, also year silicon valley was born) argued for entrepreneurial revolution (ie humanity to be sustainable would need to value on sme networks not big corporate nor big gov); final edition of 2025report is being updated - 1984's timelines foresaw need to prep for fall of brlin wall within a few months; purspoes of the 5 primary sdg markets were seen to be pivotal as they blended real and digital - ie efinance e-agri e-health e-learning and 100%lives matter community; the report charged public broadcasters starting with BBC with most vital challenge- by year 2000 ensure billions of people were debating man's biggest risk as discrepancy in incomes and expectations of rich & poor nations; mediated at the right time everyone could linkin ideas as first main use of digital webs--- the failure to do this has led to fake media, failures to encourage younger half of the world to maxinise borderless friendships and sdg collabs - see eg economistwomen.com abedmooc.com teachforsdgs.com ecop26.com as 2020s becomes last chance for youth to be teh sustainability generation


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