why education, aid and banking are the 3 scariest unfree markets my friend at The Economist and I have ever tried to map

of all the unfree markets i have every mapped aid/development is so broken- when someone has a wonderful solution ready to replicate across youth all the biggest institutes and western billionnaire foundations block that because ultimately that would turn youth into development workers making most of the old professionals inside this big foundations redundant and rocking bad banks off their lobby's inconvenient truths
whether you agree with this last statement the it seems undenable that taddys most valuable duty is to find funds to keep improving south africa model and if there is anyone who wholly helps him both do that and help another country unlearn their whole university system i havent found it yet in what is now 10 years since we tried to share taddys story with 5000 alumni of what needed to be the greatest unbanking revolution
if you want more i am working on the 10 antidotes to rotten maths teaching at neumann.ning.com

 and could do with help understanding which of your networks can make their case with better maths or open learning's prime time goal of universities of the underprivileged youth everywhere real or virtual can reach -see The Economist's 1984 deadlines for that

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how germany took over europe

if your currency deserves to compound as the strongest but it can only be bought in a basket of weaker currencies - what do you expect to happen?

ever increasing unemployment among youth of the weakest currency countries  -this is the mathematically likely answer

propaganda and freedom of speech

Germany has proved itself as world's best at proganda desgned to make anyone who does not tow the priorrty line look insane (and sometimes literally get rid of them

perhaps the strangest question in te EU of 2010s is why did france fiorst agree with germany to join the basket case futures of its youth?

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